Friday, October 10, 2008

Everyone has a fishing story...

Here's mine...

Caught this baby without trying, really. First one in our whole group to make a catch. I was the total rookie, mind you.
To start, I cast my line in way too far (I'm such a rookie, I had to ask my husband how to say this) and caught a stick off the edge. Then I got my hook tangled on a rope by the pier we were on, and just as I untangled it and it finally went in the water, something started pulling on my pole really hard! All this occurred in like less than like two minutes.... When I felt the pull I completely FREAKED out. I didn't know what it was. Yes, it was my first time catching a fish (I think I'd only really fished one other time and I remember having a horrible phobia of hooks when I was little. The other time I fell in the lake and took my fishing buddy down with me. It was not warm out, so that pretty much ended our little fishing outing)
My husband would not help me pull the fish in, though I begged. He really wanted me to do it. I didn't know what to do. It was a strong little guy. Well, not so little, really. I couldn't roll him in. I think the proper word is "reel" him in.
Eventually I just pulled him in somehow, in total fear and shock (see top picture, not very graceful)

It was all very awkward and wonderful and it made my day. Really, I praised God that I caught this small-mouthed bass! It was a like a little gift from Jesus, the master fisherman.
Right before I decided to try to fish, I remember thinking that it seemed kinda boring and pointless (sorry Jesus). Where's the appeal? Now I kinda get it. I think I would LOVE fly-fishing, though.
So, that's me with the beauty.... Of course, we put her back after we all pet her. My daughter was mesmerized by the whole experience and would not stop boasting about my catch, as if my gloating wasn't enough.
That day I overcame my fear of fishing hooks and fish (not the worms). I still won't eat fish, but I will touch them when they're alive. They're kinda cute.

(I wrote this two months ago when I got back from Lake of the Ozarks where this catch distracted and never posted it until now...)

Shortly after our trip, we bought our first pet fish for our daughter Maggie. We named him swimmy. I'm very fond of fish now. Well, there actually is one kind of fish I will eat-- canned chunk tuna. But only because I was tricked by my parents into eating it as a child (they told me it was a mayonnaise "sauce"). I ate this "sauce" unawares for several years and grew to like it... I still eat it drenched in mayo.


Amy said...

How fun! Congratulations!
Enjoy the fish!

~Amy :)

Joel B. said...

Everyone's got a fishing story, but you shouldn't have posted the picture because now you can't go around with your arms spread wide saying "it was THIS big!" ;) LOL

I was never much of a fisher. When I was a boy some of my friends did a lot of fishing but I just never really got all that into it. I do, however, like the peacefulness of sitting by a quiet lake or river!

Manuela said...

thanks Amy...

Joel, it WAS huge!! : )
Yeah, large bodies of water are awesome...

I could use some peacefulness now...My daughter's 4th birthday party is tomorrow, and I tend to go overboard with this kind of thing. ...Deep breath

Manuela said...

thanks Amy...

Joel, it WAS huge!! : )
Yeah, large bodies of water are awesome...

I could use some peacefulness now...My daughter's 4th birthday party is tomorrow, and I tend to go overboard with this kind of thing. ...Deep breath

Lennart said...

Love your story and I love the excitement of living LIFE you reflect.

Manuela, the description of who you are in your profile is so awesome. The words "....I am complex and can change like the colors in the sky" This should be a desrciption of EVERY Christian as our Heavenly Papa changes us from day to day.

Bless you young lady and THANK YOU, you have made my day.

Manuela said...

Hi Lennart
thanks so much!
Yeah, I agree... that we are ALL complex and can change like the colors in the sky... as God's little children we ought not sell ourselves short...!
I'll stop by your blog sometime too : )

Kent said...

That's funny Manuela. Do you want to come over for a fish fry? :)

Sue said...

Hey, it's great to "see" you, pretty lady :)

Have you noticed how many more people are posting pics of themselves? At least on my blogroll, it seems many more people are coming out of the woodwork.

Mmm, tuna and mayo. Yum :)

Nicole said...

Oh Manu! Great adventure for you! Sounded like it was fun for not just you but everyone with you! Maggie must have been so so proud of you! "My mommy caught a fish" Fly fishing is pretty neat. Jonathan loves to fly fish and I go and watch him stand in the middle of the stream and fly fish. It is entertaining somewhat... I even tried it but get distracted too easily thinking something will bite me while I am just standing in the water! LOL! I am a dork!

Great pictures too. Love them!

Love, Nicole!

Sarah said...

Hey Manuela,
It's been a long time. I think I've only fished once and I caught a huge log at the bottom of the lake. Oh well! I can't believe Maggie's 4! I'd still love to get together so our girls can play. We've been totally swamped lately though, getting used to having Samuel and now we're in the process of buying a house. Call me sometime or when life settles down a bit for me I'll call you. Miss seeing you, Sarah Ward.

Manuela said...

Nicole, you're funny : ) so Jon fly-fishes...?!!

Kent, are you really inviting us to a fish fry?! : )

Hi Sarah W!