Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maggie turned 4!

Our lovely little girl turned four on Oct.14th. What a happy, happy day it was when you were born!!!

To Maggie from momma:
Innocent eyes grace the sights
with wonder, hope and delight
With tender caution,
an open heart
to learn what's true
and what is right
To drink in love
that she may know
the Strength who
holds tomorrow
The Hand so good to hold

Joy, joy, joy
and hope is in your eyes
Let me kindle what is right.
I will love you all my days
from each moment to always



Amy said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! She is adorable! What are you celebration plans for today?

~Amy :)

Sue said...

Aww, happy birthday, Maggie! Her cake is as beautiful as she is.

Yum. I sure would like to eat a piece of that cake :)

Kent said...

I love that little girl. Happy Birthday Maggie.

Manuela, we want to watch Maggie the next time you and Mike have somewhere to go :) It's been too long.

Manuela said...

Thanks y'all. Will tell Maggs... I showed her this post and she loved it! She wanted to "have it" so we're printing it for her at Mike's work.

We celebrated 2 Sundays ago. Had a Hello Kitty party with family and school friends. It was a blast. We had games, music, and of course a pinata! Then on her actual b-day date we took her to Chuckie Cheese's just the three of us! Yesterday she had a little celebration at school too....!
The sugar intake has been quite high lately! :D

Sue- LOL The cake was so pretty, it felt bad cutting it, but great eating it! Do you want me to send you a piece?

We'll totally take you up on that! : ) We need a date night. We'll be in touch! How bout tomorrow? haha

Sue said...

Yes, please. If you send it priority in a refrigerated bag, it shouldn't cost you more than 100 bucks or so, surely?

Nicole said...

Love you Maggie! You are a sweet sweet beautiful girl! Happy Birthday SweetHEART!

Manu! I love the picture and the beautiful poem! It is truly precious!!

Love you!