Monday, February 5, 2007

Everything changes

Okay, this morning, God spoke to me through a paper towel (this is domestic life on the edge!). Now, before you question my sanity let me just say that it was one of those lovely paper towels with a quote written on it... This one said " Everything in life we really accept, undergoes a change".... I read it right as I was taking a bite out of my potato pancake. Wow, I thought, that's pretty deep. It's not something I've ever heard put that way. EVERYTHING in LIFE we REALLY ACCEPT UNDERGOES A CHANGE. Maybe I'm dense, but this was a revelatory moment. Think of it. Nothing in this life is unchanging. Nothing. Not a thing. Everything gets either old, broken, better, worse, moves, dies, is born, is lost, is forgotten, grows, is rebuilt or torn down. Positive and negative changes, but constant changes all the time. The hardest one to deal with is probably death and the fact we're all headed there. (This is probably why much science is striving to do every thing it can to prolong life or control it (from freezing bodies to human cloning)
But back to the quote, it also translated THIS way to me-- "ANYONE in life YOU TRULY ACCEPT (including YOURSELF) undergoes a change."
It's so true on so many levels. We age, grow, learn, fall down, get lost, get back up, get "religious" or get nonreligious, have faith or lose it.
But who's character never changes, who's? Who doesn't age or get moody. Who never stumbles or blows it? Who is ALWAYS good?
And what about the constant small changes-- bad weather, bad moods, getting sick, awful traffic, flight changes, plans changed.
Not all change is bad of course, but even the good changes can't last forever... Those sweet moments in life come and go. We have to let them go. I can't cradle my little daughter in my arms forever. We have to let people go too. Children grow up. Friends move or we move, or people just move on.... I've moved well over 10 times (lived in 6 different states and another continent for 12 years.)
This got me thinking... is there anything unchanging? Anything I can totally and absolutely count on never changing? And I realized that there isn't a single any thing but God alone. He remains the same-- He always has been, always will be who He is-- always GOOD. Always a ROCK. (I also realized that some of the sickest people around are those who reject any change at all costs... that's another blog topic though).
Only He could be the anchor for me in this often tumultuous, ever changing life.