Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bed of nails

Reflections on my friend's blog "Our problem with pain" and the song by Over the Rhine that he shared at

I've been sleeping on a "bed of nails" groping for the light and seeing myself as I really am, needy and broken with shattered dreams
A sinner, groping for the Light


Love covers over a multitude of sins.


The least of us has something to give

even in the darkness--

the act of just laying ourselves at His feet
Hands thrown up in the air. It's more than enough
come what may

Dream weaver, weave me some new dreams
and make me new again


Here's some beautiful words (by William Gadsby)

Poor sinner, dejected with fear,
Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb;
No wrath on His brow He does wear,
Nor will He poor mourners condemn;
His arm of omnipotent grace
Is able and willing to save;
A sweet and a permanent peace
He’ll freely and faithfully give.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Some thoughts on humility

We've all got areas where we could stand to grow up. Areas where we're ahead of the game, and areas where we're behind in our character, healing, and spiritual development. No one is better than anyone, we all need each other in one way or another. The only way we can grow as a body is in giving one another grace to our not so lovely parts that are within each and every one of us. Lets not look down our noses on anybody else. Pray for your brother's weakness, he may be praying for yours...