Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving sale!

Our indoor moving sale went great! Thanks to friends and answered prayers! I really felt supported. We sold a lot of stuff, for dirt cheap- it was wonderful. We had so many people come through our door.
It was lovely to experience community outside of any religious pressure whatsoever. We saw many of our neighbors we hadn't seen in a while, old friends, and just nice down to earth folks, who aren't trying to impress anybody. It was refreshing, because I hadn't experienced "community" since leaving the Twelve Tribes community. I've gone from living with 35+ people for 10 months, to virtual isolation and it has been challenging (I needed the time alone, though...). But today I saw that you don't necessarily have to move in with folks, you just need to be friendly and stuff happens...
After today, I feel more like myself, I talked with many folks... Real, intelligent, hard-working people. Our real estate agent stopped by and stayed with his daughter for almost two hours! Today I went from bleary eyed, sleep deprived apprehensive sales lady, to happy neighborly friend in less than 1 hour (coffee included). I'm thankful.

- My new motto is: Have a yard sale, welcome all you wonderful neighbors- near and far. Get to know them on their terms, you'll learn a lot. Your neighborhood is bigger than you think and has many hidden treasures- they come out for yard sales and bad economy.

Part too of the sale is tomorrow, or today, rather. Tomorrow I will try and post some pictures...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Takes a lifetime

Healing takes time
more than a lifetime
we marry each other
broken and weak
with all kinds of armor
to protect the seed
but what we want matters everything
and in the end it will show

what do I have to hold on to
except that I am yours
I'm willing to bleed
to learn the way
to stumble but turn my face to the sun
and keep turning
because you see me

And that you see
is not fearsome to me
it is comfort and sunlight
warm and calm
like prairies I can
peacefully walk upon