Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knowing and being known

No one can really know or understand us quite as well as God can and does. No one can love us more completely, deeply or wisely. No one. I want to rest in God's love. It's the only place to really rest. It's the only place where I can breathe deep, rest my head and have peace.
Sometimes I get very frustrated with some people. I think, they just don't get me at all. They don't really know or understand much about me or what I'm talking about. And some people just really don't, just as I don't understand much about physics, for example.
But God understands EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. This amazes me. He understands all sciences and arts. EVERYTHING. It's mind-blowing. Not only does he know all, but knows me intimately and still loves me. He understands what makes me tick, what makes me mad, and why. He's not too big for me and He's not too small to get it all. He's not too preocuppied with world affairs to hear my prayer. In fact, the bible says He knows how many hairs we each have. That's way more than we care to know. But He's way higher than we are, but very close too. Such a mystery and such a comfort. Jesus brought God close again through His sacrifice.
God came down, in His Son, to show His love.
He is the way to knowing God.