Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Mothership...

My good friend Sue wrote a shiny, brilliant post today-
Here's a little excerpt:

"The Mothership seems to find it terribly difficult to accept our tarnished parts. Unless it's in tightly controlled love sessions from 7.30-9 on a Wednesday evening when we're talking about X Problem, but make sure you've got it together by Sunday. If we take longer than is deemed appropriate to get rid of the rust - well, there is something wrong with us..."
Check it out- here

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Sue said...

Thanks, Manuela! :)

It didn't feel brilliant to me at all writing that. It felt convoluted and whingeing and banging on about the same old shit I always bang on about.

It's always funny when that happens. You put up a post you're unhappy with and someone likes it.

Life is weird :)