Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's level ground, baby!

I've always pretty much been the kind of person who is very (maybe too candid) about my weaknesses, questions, struggles, and failures because deep down I know these don't define me (I am loved and forgiven so why hide. Sometimes I figured-- well, if God says he loves me, then my brothers and sisters won't judge me-- WRONG!) This has played against me many, many times, as it gives the arrogant people of the world an opportunity to think (and act) as though they are better than me, and their job is to fix me or give me unsolicited advice. How very annoying this is. (Most of us know when we are being loved versus being judged!) When people do this they are not lifting up the dignity of another, but rather, putting the person in some kind of derogatory box, and themselves on a pedestal (who has the speck here, and who has the log). Putting people in a box is NOT loving them! This happens a lot in the IC (it's the nature of the system), but it also can and does happen everywhere.... it's human nature (sinful nature) to compare ourselves to others. In the comparison game someone is always better and someone is always worse off. This is so harmful within the body I think, where we're all in it together and all equally important, essential and needed. Somewhere it says that the least are greater... too. Maybe Jesus was referring to the humble as "the least." What do you think?

Well, I have a wonderful quote on my fridge that levels the ground for all us, no matter what we believe about ourselves:

"We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; we grow unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another." -Anais Nin

I think this is so true and why we need one another as well. But we can only help another if we are aware of our own weaknesses as well. Otherwise our pride will just blast harm on the person. We need to not be so hasty with our word or actions sometimes...

I can confidently opinionate (my made up word meaning - to firmly form an opinion) that everyone has failed in this or the world wouldn't be in the condition it's in.

God's showing me to just take ownership for my own shortcomings, regardless of what they are in comparison to anyone. I am not to look at the speck in my brothers eye and ignore my plank. (I am not saying I have a plank right now- I may or may not :) I'm just trying to make a point).

So what makes a person truly humble? In my opinion it is someone who is aware of their weaknesses and therefore they don't depend on themselves, but rather, on the Spirit...
Though we've been redeemed, I believe that our sinful nature is still at war with the Spirit now in our hearts, transforming us.

Your thoughts/ opinions are welcome, but NOT your assessments and judgements of me.

I hope to continue to be candid, regardless of the cost. Healing can only occur when you have a constant disposition to face the truth about yourself, in my opinion, in light of God's unconditional love...


Amy said...

Beautiful post my friend. I really love the quote by Anais Nin, too.

Papa is the only one who "counts" in terms of our value and worth. I, too, sometimes fall into the boat of needing others to approve me. I know this occurs when I have a momentary lapse and forget Whom I belong to and that this is what truly Matters. During such "lapses," the Holy Spirit is good at giving me a little "love nudge" to point out the dangerous ground I'm edging towards. :) I am loved by Him. I am Papa's daughter, in whom He is well pleased (even in all my messes, mistakes and flub-ups). Thank goodness we have Him to give us these endearing little "wake-up" reality checks, huh?!

Good stuff, Manuela.

~Amy :)

Manuela said...

Hi Amy!
So true that Papa is the only one who counts in terms of our value and worth. In light of this safe place, we are free to fail and bring everything to him because of the wonderful grace we are under. It's just wonderful, isn't it?
: )

Nicole said...

Manu, we need each other! :)

We are a body, and we need to work for each other and with each other! That is what the body of Christ was created for.

Great post indeed, I admire and cherish the outpouring of your heart. Such a beautiful thing!

Love You!

Love, Nicole!

Sue said...

I think some people get uncomfortable when we display our weaknesses so readily. I guess it's confronting for them or someting? But I agree with you - it is liberating to be able to be strong in our weakness (even with the doofuses who squish us down further when we do - bah :)

Manuela said...

You are so right. We are part of one another in a very profound way. We need to nurture and lift one another up... I think in this we find our real identity...
Luv : )

ah Sue, yes! and thank you. It's fear and self-reliance that makes people disdain those who are candidly real. It's BS all the way. I'm hoping it will affect me less and less. But to say it shouldn't affect one at all I think is more BS. Looking back I'm kinda mad about all the times this has happened. ugh!
but I'm moving on... oh yeah, I'm movin' on

Sue said...

"But to say it shouldn't affect one at all I think is more BS"


Ah. Yes. Wise woman, you :)