Friday, October 1, 2010

What we need & Hope for a tree cut down

...give us each day our daily bread...

and this bread really satisfies-

calms, heal, restores

sometimes it may come in the form of someone's prayer or kind word or deed

anything that causes us to return to the Source of abundant life

Once restored 


we can love

"How different would our lives be if we believed every single gesture 
every act of faith or love or joy or peace or word of forgiveness
would multiply as long as there are people to receive it. 
Our gift is not what we can do but who we are." -Henry Nouwen
from this song- great song check it out here:


Sue said...

Love that Nouwen quote. Imagine what it would look like.

I agree - people being themselves is the most beautiful of things. A world of everyone being who they are would be paradaisical in many respects.

I forgot so easily that one of the things I love most in life is reminding people of the awesome things about themselves (sounds so twee and pat when I put it like that on the page, eww, but it's true). Get so caught up in my own crap so easily and forget it. It feels so good to be present and there for other people.

Manuela said...

yeah, it does feel good to "to be present and there for other people...." It's like when we get connected to Jesus, or in touch with him in us, and also with his humble people, unmasking our identity, we realize our "calling" and it just flows, the love can just flow, because it's who we are in him...
so much love, which is what the world needs. It can't be contrived. It flows from the Source, which is him- the life giver

Manuela said...

I'm sure you know all this, but it's good to attempt to articulate it :)

Sue said...

It IS good :)

I don't know what I think of Jesus any more, if I think he is the Christ that rules over the world, or if he was just one of many, a brother amongst many, an enlightened one ... I'm really not sure any more.

But having said that, I agree with you entirely about the Source :) It's an amazing thing, and all rather simple really even while it's wonderfully mysterious ... and it's fun to articulate it again and again :)

lionwoman said...

"Our gift is not what we can do but who we are." The exact opposite of what we are taught in 'church' and by life in our society in general.

I need to meditate on this... the 'do-do-do' mindset is very unhealthy and yet very deeply ingrained...

Thanks for sharing Manuela!

Manuela said...

Hi Amy! I know... this culture is sooo messed up in soooo many ways- what it's become. Sometimes it really hits me like a ton of bricks. But our hope is in who we are in him and what he is yet to do. The waiting can be so tedious, I know....
:) Thanks for the feedback and friendship.