Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little while

                                                         but nowhere
                                                                                             overly sophisticated
                         but nowhere

desperate world
deception rules
and many stray far from the Son
though he never strays from them

all he said...
all he did...
you either take him whole or
you don't take him at all

can not say he was
"an enlightened one"
and pick and chose at his words
truth would lose all meaning
love would falter
and lie
...cannot lie
the fear he came to take
would be reborn

but born of truth
we can't deny
(the Son)

and fear reigns
He said we'd suffer
for a little while
He said the lies would
flooding come
deception would rule
for a little while
and men would say peace
and dance over the massacre
with no grief
or shame
some with no feeling
at all

what is a little while
in the face of eternity


Sue said...

Well, then, if it's that black and white, then I guess I must be out in the dark ...

I think everyone can say he was "an enlightened one." Did he not tell Thomas to put his fingers in his sides? Would he not understand how difficult it is for people to believe?

Sorry, I can't agree with you here. But maybe I've just fallen into the land of the great black deceived and unsaved *shrugs*

Sue said...

PS: I hope that doesn't sound like I'm dissing you at all. Rather, wanting more lively debate about it.

I WANT to continue to believe in Jesus as the Christ. I just have doubts at the moment, especially in terms of him even existing historically.

But for all that, I still pray to him. I just want to be honest with myself about my doubts, you know?

But I loved your poem. I forgot to say that :)

(Oh, and sorry for not responding to your message the other day. I meant to, and then it just slipped my mind. Working on a computer just fries my brain sometimes)

Manuela said...

I don't believe everything is all black and white. Not at all. But who he is is pretty clear to me. I certainly believe there is room for doubt and struggling with believing. I do think he does understand that. I don't (at all) believe he leaves or abandons those who struggle with it. I know he's never left me in my struggles with faith... For me, he revealed his identity through the Scriptures and that was a very real experience... It was before I even went to any church or had anyone preach to me. That's helped me. I've believed many wacky things along the way but somehow his identity- the only savior of mankind- has not been in question since, though I've doubted his love and goodness for me (personally) in my heart quite a few times. And he patiently bears with that and reveals his love in a way to reach me.
I do think we can stray from the truth if we allow ourselves to, but I also think that does not cease his love and faithfulness to us..., Thomas being a great example.

Sue said...

Nice, Manu :)

I guess I'm having a period of doubting that. I know I have had experiences in the past where he felt very real to me. I guess my questions these days are, "Is it really him, or am I wrong about him but it is God in the end anyway?"

It's funny where our weaknesses and stresses lie, isn't it? I don't feel like I doubt God's love for me anymore (which is a miracle in itself really), it's more that I am doubting that Jesus even existed in the way that we have come to believe he has. I mean, if you look at it from an historical point of view, it's all very flimsy really.

Having said that, I am totally open and will remain open. I still feel my connection with God the father (and the mother) and ultimately I think that's what Jesus was all about, reconciling humanity to God.

But ... yeah :) I guess it's always a confusing thing, this whole journey at times, isn't it.

Manuela said...

Hi Sue,
I've been spending a lot less time online...and I saw I had some unmoderated comments of yours. Sorry about that. I'm just going to e-mail you...