Saturday, September 11, 2010

Graced... once and for all

But can we believe it? That's all that was ever required- to receive the gift.
This video by Jim Robbins couldn't say it better, and yet we've been taught the opposite, way too much. The other message seems to prevail, but it won't last.
Time to rest and receive.
Can we? We absolutely can.

HOW TO SHAME A CHRISTIAN from Jim Robbins on Vimeo.


Jim Robbins said...

Hi Manuela. Thanks for exposing the false gospel of shame and pressure. So much damage has been done to our hearts as Christians.

Keep posting!

Manuela said...

Hi Jim,
Thank you for your feedback and for fighting for the true message. Great videos too :)

Aida said...

Great video! I love to hear the truth about our good and noble hearts.

Manuela said...

I found this because of your blog, Aida... :)

Aida said...

Great! Thanks for letting me know. Jim is a good friend who is doing a wonderful job in sharing the truth about our good heart.