Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Twelve Tribes Community processing (updated)

I left this here yesterday...
I was with the Twelve Tribes as a member for close to 9 months after staying with them for a month prior. They do absolutely begin to try to strip you of even your own thoughts and emotions, your God given free will. They do that gradually of course, but they work full force on it once you are “in.” There is a lot of control from the top, absolute leader control. Although there are some nice folks there, they too have to deal with all the undue demands and submit to them, or else! (The consequences of not doing so are not pretty- you will be counseled to no end, kept a very close eye on and/ or put to public shame, and then eventually ostracized). Very sad. I am glad I was able to get out when I did. They probably would have kicked me out sooner or later anyway as I was not an “easy” convert in many ways. I was there too long as it is. I feel badly for many innocent people there who aren’t even allowed to process their own thoughts without being (often) interrogated or questioned. They let others be God for them, and are greatly damaged because of it.
One example is that the Twelve tribes will teach that “everyone can hear from God and share.” But in reality what you share is always scrutinized by whatever the “teachings” have already established. They are the guide to everything and the only right interpretations to scripture, as far as they are concerned. So they try to interpret EVERYTHING for you in the end, and you are left with nothing really. But many people there become used to that, and then numb to it- they see no use in fighting anymore, they are too exhausted anyway. (I almost reached this point). Very sad indeed.

NOTE: Despite what I've shared above, I know there are some very decent, good and caring people there and I was glad to know them and become friends. I've described more of this in some of my other posts. What I'm referring to here is the structure-  overpowering/ controlling teachings and leadership, deception, and also how so many are misled by it. It became evident to me that that was definitely there- some high up leader, running the show. I never met him, just some of his pawns. You could see in people's eyes the fear of ever even questioning Yoneq- a mere man after all. Like I said, I never even met him, yet he clearly defined EVERYTHING for the community. How could I not question him?!


Sarah said...

Hi Manuela! I am so happy to read that you have left 12 tribes! When I saw that you were with them I wanted to try to get in touch with you. They have a place in upstate NY by where my Dad lives and he has had to counsel folks who came out of it. I was praying for you! Love you!

lionwoman said...

Oh Manuela, it's amazing what parallels there are in our situations, in our journeys. You know what it is to have those mixed feelings despite the terribly unhealthy things going on in the situation. The conflict of knowing you have to follow God as he leads, yet loving the people and seeing the good things, and wanting to make sure you're doing what's best. Thank you for sharing. It helps to clarify things for me.

Manuela said...

Hi Sarah M.! It's been so long, it took me a bit to figure out who this was from! Yeah, I left the community back in January... Overall, it was an experience I don't totally regret for many reasons. But I am glad I was able to leave when I did. Hope you are well.

Manuela said...

Amy, I was just thinking this morning, as I was driving, that you and I have so many similarities, in our journeys, desires and experiences..! :)

Meg said...

Sorry to jump dont know me from Adam, but i have been living with the 12 tribes community for 2 months. I have been going through emotional, spiritual agony for weeks. I left there this morning to go somewhere and clear my head. I can't tell if i am just being influenced by them or if this is really where i was led by the father.
I have been asking the father for a community of like-minded people, and a life of purpose, simplicity etc. for months, then thinking i was just working on a organic farm for the summer, i ended up there, finding everything i had been asking the father for.
I just want truth...I want to be in the fathers will and live a life of goodness with good people, but i cannot tell which way is up anymore.

I feel like we have very similar spirits, and i would love to talk with you if that would be alright..

From a child of God's perspective, what is wrong or unacceptable in the 12 tribes community?
Was it also very hard for you to get past the beautiful life they lead?

please get back to me!

Meg Lynch