Monday, December 29, 2008

Spiritual warfare?

When does one come to the conclusion that it is Satan who is oppressing versus it just being stuff we need to go through? Where and how do you draw the line? Can a line even be drawn? Anyone's thoughts out there on this?
I've had an extremely difficult day in more ways than I can explain right now, and I'm feeling cornered and oppressed in many ways. I don't know what is going on. I could use some of your prayers out there. I really could.
Also, what do you think on this topic? How do we battle the powers of darkness..., how do we identify them...? It doesn't always seem so clear cut, does it?
I know God can and does deliver... but sometimes he tarries or is it us who tarry in taking our authority against the forces of evil, or in asking for intercession? Do these evil powers just leave us be when we don't rock the boat at all? Just some thoughts. Is it that we either work for God or for evil? Is there middle ground?
Anyone care to share... any wisdom or experience? I'm not trying to over-spiritualise everything... I'm trying to make sense of what's going on. I'm not giving a lot of details because, well, they are too personal right now and could potentially be misconstrued.
Those of you who know me and love me, please pray for me. Thank you.


Mark Main said...

First, let me say that I will keep you in my prayers.

For me personally I wondered about those things every time bad situations came along in my life. I finally came to the realization that no matter where they come from my response should still always be to rely on God to get me through.

It wasn't easy. It didn't happen overnight. But in the long run it has made going through rough times more bearable because now I can just rely for God to help me through because he knows why it's happening even if I don't.

I hope that doesn't sound too trite. I definitely don't mean for it to be.

God bless

Tyler Dawn said...

Honey, I so understand.

One of the most valuable things I have ever learned it is this, that in the midst of oppression (or just plain real life), I can just go to Him and say, "You are bigger than I am and bigger than this is. Whether or not this is of You, the enemy or if it is just stuff, I surrender to the fact that You will work this to good because I do love you. If You want for me to fight this, I need You to show me how. Otherwise, Abba, daddy, I need You to either deal with this or deal with me."

Amy said...

I will be praying for you, my sister. are certainly not alone with those questions. For I too, have asked many, many of them previous. The fact that you are seeking, searching, wondering, sincerely questioning what is going on, is a good thing. I believe Papa honors a genuninely searching heart for Truth.

Because I do not know your exact situation, I cannot say whether the thoughts you are dealing with are from the Opposer/Enemy, from your Old Nature voice or a mixture of both.

Only you and Papa Son Holy Spirit can sort that out. Nevertheless, my sweet sister, I believe in due time, He will reveal and show you things. Meanwhile, I will pray that amid what seems to be relentless chaos of questions and confusion, Papa will bring peace, calmness, hope, faith and reality of His Love deep within you.

~Amy :)

Manuela said...

Hi and thanks Mark, Tyler and Amy!

Sometimes I can over-think things. God did show me that I need to always stay close to him and his word, especially under fire of whatever sort... Today was much better because I focused on the truth head on, intentionally, but I think also because of your prayers and others' : )

We need him so much, don't we? He is everything...

Joel B. said...

Hi Manuela,

Along with what else has been said, I believe that whatever the source of the problems or oppression or whatever, the 'remedy' is always Christ Himself. The battle is the Lord's, not ours.

A while back I posted The Full Armor of God, in which I talked about how I had realized that everything that Paul mentions in Ephesians 6, when he talks about spiritual warfare, is God's gift to us! It's His work, His doing, not ours.

The "armor" isn't "us" conjuring up any amount of spirituality that defeats the devil or anything else that comes up against us. The armor is the Lord's, and the battle is His.

In short, I think we 'lose' when we keep our eyes on our circumstances and problems. Not that we go through life in denial of everything, or not dealing with the stuff of life. :) But I mean, Christ is our life and we are overcomers and conquerors, not when we're able to figure everything out, but when our focus is Christ Himself.

Along with the others, I'm praying for you! Much grace and peace to you!

P.S. I followed up the above post with a couple of other posts, going into a little more detail. Here are the links, just in case you're interested.

God's Armor 1-3
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Manuela said...

THANK YOU, Joel B.! :D
Will check out your posts...

wanting more said...

I would like the answers to these questions also. So much of what I have been taught in the church about spiritual warfare seems like some kind of magical crap just to real you in to the excitement/fear of it all. I also think that the whole "stirring the pot" idea that we can actually make satan want to "hit" us is a little far fetched also. I don't know the answers though...One thing that keeps me going is the verse, "Every good and perfect gift comes from God." I don't know why...I do believe that there is good and evil, but I'm not sure in what way we are exactly in the mix. We can be good and we can be evil...I guess if we are His, then we are His. And His grace will get us through whether it be much harder than we think we can manage or just a small blip on the radar. I wish I knew...good questions!

Manuela said...

Hey Kari- I also love that verse you mentioned. It's funny it's also been a rock for me when it comes to all this stuff : ) I don't know if you read through the comments here, they're good and helpful. Peace

jON said...

obviously i'm late to this party. if it's something you'd still like to chat about, i'm all for it. just let me know.