Saturday, December 20, 2008


I wrote this poem, as also a reminder to my own soul. It involves a process I often go through, of finally embracing the sadness and what I feel to be true (as hard as it may be), and then watching grace overcome me again, in her own unforeseen way... I think, also, the process of embracing the sadness, is Grace herself, keeping me alive and well. She is mysterious indeed, but very good in every way.



Fight the lull everyone
all those shiny gifts
ain't gonna fill your soul
all this running around
is worth nothing
when you leave love
out the back door

What are you running after,
what is it all for?
All the family laughter
that echoed in the young hearts
is now forlorn
when bones are sullen at the core,
can't beckon their return
cause you're innocent no more

Don't fight the sadness
don't fight it anymore--
it's the river that is honest,
the only satin cord
amidst all this intrusion
of what you call your home

and once your tears unfold
ensuing the unknown
you'll taste and you will see
the love that you have sworn,
in unexpected hours and unexpected dawns

you will call on your beloved
in incandescent tones
you will swear you are your loved one's
and he forever yours

they may say I feel too to deeply
things that just aren't so
but I will say that
they're just pining for a world
that will be torn
all on it's own


Sue said...

Ooh, baby, this is good.

Screaming out for some music behind it.

Manuela said...

Hey! thank you...yeah, I was thinking music too...
: )

Kent said...

Manuela, enjoy your family and Christmas in Chicago. Peace to you.

Manuela said...

Thanks, Kent. Peace to you, Julie and the girls also : )