Saturday, August 16, 2008

a rant and a prayer

I am SO sick of false religious bullshit-- fear, obligation, self-interest and rationalization- and using God to support man's twisted plans and agendas (even when they're "well-meaning" agendas). I am bone tired of all of it. I am shedding off any left-over residue in me, and shedding that whole yoke off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough- Galatians 5

Oh God, lead, in Your beauty and true strength
in your real love and grace
Let the Spirit lead. You are my teacher and friend
You alone are
It's not words that men say
it's a power that melts pride away
foolish pride melts away
I am your lover
You've loved me strongly, tenderly, and wiped off my wounds
There is no other
You alone are my teacher
my lover and friend

It's not just words on a page or words that men say
the words came alive
a power that melts the dark away


Sue said...

Prayers that are rants are so good :)

I often think about how difficult it is for my sis's and bro's over there in the States. You guys are drowning in this shit. seriously, I would much rather prefer living in secular Australia than religious America any day. Just the thought of your politics gives me the dry willies.

All that to say, I imagine breaking free of this stuff when it is so interthreaded amongst everything in your culture must be so difficult. No wonder it is such a go-slow process - so you don't spontaenously combust! :)

(And of course, having said all that, it's a go-slow process no matter what sort of culture you live in because I guess the hardest threads to untangle are out own, huh :)

Manuela said...

Thanks for the feedback and insight. I think your flu-brain is gone :)
Our own "threads" ARE the hardest to untangle for sure....

Nicole said...

Manu, my sweet sweet friend. I love you. What a beautiful expression of your real heart, and what a raw expression to Father that you showed. I think this is a process that is well worth every angst and difficulty,(easier said than done)but once we began to grasp and taste an ounce of freedom in grace that Father gives, it is so amazing that we will never look back but forward to the open future we have in Father who will drench his love all over us in celebration of finding grace and embrasing an authentic relationship with HIM!!!

My sister, you are truly loved and are NOT alone in this!!!

In COMPLETE Freedom and Love, Nicole!

Nicole said...
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Amy said...


Amen! I hear ya!
I love your poem...beautiful.

~Amy :)

Manuela said...

Nicole and Amy,
God is sooo good!
Thanks for your comments and encouragement : )

artmish said...
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Kent said...

and I have the privilege of hanging with the 3 of you and watching freedom unfold. Awesome!!!!!

artmish said...

The poem is nice in that it really puts the attention and reliance on him alone as the one who leads us and heals us. It's a wonderful thing to be able to come directly to him.