Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bittersweet Christmas

Hello again. Here's the poem. I wrote it last Christmas...
Peace and Love to you.

Oh, bittersweet Christmas

Is this time special, I don’t know
So much traffic, but nothing’s slow
Are hearts yearning with delight,
or just weary from the fight?
Is there love beneath the gifts,
smiles of grace, or bitter rifts?
Is there longing for a peace,
to fill our days with real release,
Or is it just another strain,
of hiding sorrow, drowning pain
And what memories haunt your sight,
Lovely days or bitter nights?

If you sing, sing with hope for a new strain
And if you cry, let the Savior take your pain
Pray for love to come again
Let yourself be as you are
whether you know what or why
Know that He for you did come
and for the broken- every one.

And if you heart is filled with glee
share it with humanity,
with hearts weary from the storm
that tried to kill the Savior born
The storm that lives and taunts today
even on this Christmas day.
So if you sing, sing with love
with compassion from above

Knowing that for this He came
to love the broken,
take their shame
To teach the willing- heal the hurt
To love the wounded
Redeem the earth.

Dec. 2005 ©Manuela R.


Kent said...


Kent said...

Also, since you sing, write songs and poetry you would probably love to see all the lyrics to Over The Rhine's new Christmas CD with all original songs. Go to my blog and click on the Over The Rhine link on the top left. Then click on the Snow Angels link when you get there, then on the lyrics link. I love these guys and the way they write. You would probably also like the story Linford wrote that is on the credits link.

Kent said...

Manuela, go to this link for the God Journey Forum and read the post "Jesus being lifted up at Christmas" You are not alone.

Manuela said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Kent