Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh, my my... big pet

iced coffee drinks, hippos massages, cozy blanky.... wonderful hippo life : ) I'm envious (says my husband)
Do any of you out there ever find yourselves thinking in blog posts....? There's so much I want to post, comment on, or share, but I can't seem to find the time (well, this one's just a short random one). But I'm gonna see about trying a little harder to find time for this blog realm.... It seems to escape me.


Aida said...

I love this, Manuela.

It's amazing what sincere love can do. Thanks for sharing it. I posted it on the Not One Sparrow Facebook page. I know they'll all love it too.

Aida said...

BTW, I do think blog posts too. Right now, I'm keeping my blogging eyes and ears open for a potential blog. LOL

Manuela said...

Isn't this adorable? We LOVE it... It's really funny. Yeah, pass it around!
It's can do WONDERS. It's all we really need, like the song says :) Thanks for your comment. Always nice hearing from you :)
Have a good day