Wednesday, February 24, 2010

where apathy comes from?

I think everyone only learns through serious hardship. We only change our ways after we become extremely uncomfortable with the way things have been going. We try new things, maybe too many new things, get spread too thin and then back track and re-think things. And this is good, because I think our lives are not supposed to be so very complicated. They become complicated when we enmesh ourselves in all kinds of things and situations that pull us away from what's important, ever so subtly and slowly. We need a quiet discernment, and it comes through great "unhappiness"

We are faced with so very many choices everyday, much more than anyone at any other time in history, I believe. Especially with technology and the internet providing myriads and myriads of avenues for everything.... But how spread out can we become, without losing something very vital, I really wonder....?


Nicole said...

Manu! It is so good to see you back to writing! You have always inspired me, and you have so much, I mean SO MUCH to offer. I appreciate you and hope nothing but peace and rest from this day out for you... May Father continue to shine his light on you, for you will become transformed over and over again!!!

Love you my sweet friend!

Manuela said...

delayed reply but thank you so much Nicole!