Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bring it in, 2009 ( seriously, I never know what to to title these things. Why do you need a title every time? )

The last several days I've been pretty sick, physically speaking, so I've been extra active in blogland since I haven't much felt like going anywhere. I missed blogging the few days we were in Chicago. I really did. I tried to pretend I didn't need you all, but that was a sham. So I guess I've been trying to catch up. People who criticize blogging, I think, are clearly NOT bloggers, that's all I have to say to that. It really can and does lead to deep and meaningful relationships and conversations because people will open up more through this realm sometimes. Many have been so burned that it feels a bit safer to let a lot hang out here, so you get to see some of the good and also bloody insides of people a lot....And I think that is good. Maybe sometimes we only want to display the pretty, but there is no real community in that is there now? Where's the fun in that?

Last night, yes New Years Eve, I ended up at an urgent care, because there was blood in my urine. It totally freaked me out because of a House episode I watched on TV.
I thought for sure I was dying of kidney failure. I wept in the bathroom ( my nature is on the highly dramatic side : ) But the Spirit snapped me out of it quickly and I felt pretty hopeful by the time I left the bathroom : ) My husband was a trooper. He prayed and took charge like never before. And we ended up in a decent Urgent Care place. Although the medics were pretty anxious to get out of there to celebrate New Years, they were very friendly to me. So it seems I have a urinary track infection which is pretty common in women. It's new to me. I've been wiped out. One of the medicines they gave me turns your pee bright orange--WHOA, but it was a pretty festive way to pee on New Years Eve!
Still feel crumby and battling thoughts of the infection spreading to my kidneys. We had an invite to watch some football game with some friends today, but no go.
So here I am...
Anyhoo, my lovely Maggie and hus-man made a beautiful pic for me I thought I'd share.
My daughter is an aspiring artist. The second piece she made all on her own a few days ago... She's pretty sure that is her future profession so these may be worth a lot someday. But they're worth millions to me now : )


Amy said...

Ugh! I sincerely hope you feel better soon! I have had UTI's in the past too. No fun. Ha! I also know exactly what you mean about the medication you are taking coloring your urine orange. I've taken that same thing! :)

I can really relate to what you said in the post about the blogging community being so incredibly beautiful, open, honest. I, too, have found that people in general, as I also try to, put down our walls and bare our thoughts and feelings here, sometimes more so than in everyday relationships. While I do there, too, the people here in the Blogosphere are so warm, accepting, loving... Father's "bigness" here is evident to me.

As well, I love the pictures your husband and daughter drew for you. Absolutely adorable.

Get well, soon.

~Amy :)

Manuela said...

Hey Amy!
Thanks...yeah UTI's are not overly fun...: ) Yeah, blogging IS awesome. Happy Friday friend!

Sue said...

Ahh, UTI's, a lovely little mix of bodily and mental psychosis. Yum yum! I hope it is clearing up :)

I love that pic that Maggie did, that bit down the bottom with all the lovely colours mixed in together, looks like a paint palette :)

Manuela said...

Sue, you really do understand how some health ailments go, don't ya?! I didn't know what the h#* was wrong with me?!! I think women are definitely more fragile, healthwise.

Yeah, isn't kid art just wonderful, especially my Gonie's?!

Happy said...

Beautiful artwork. :)

hope you are feeling better!!

Manuela said...

Thanks Happy!I am quite a bit : )

Miss Mark said...

woah.. what an intense new years! i hope you are feeling better! those pictures are so cute!!
i just got back from minneapolis hanging with my new nephew- he is so cute!
blessings to you and your family!
- Tanya

Manuela said...

Hey Tanya! thanx... you too : )

Nicole said...

Manu, orange pee, what else can I say!!! I am so relieved and happy for you that you made it through those retched things... Urinary tract infections are NOT fun and they hurt like hell!!! I am so glad you are better!!!

Maggie, what an artist you have there! She has a real gift! And so much color!!! She could honestly make millions!! Beautiful indeed!!

Thank you for sharing the pics with us!!!

May the following year bring you light and comfort from Father and give you dreams and prosperity in unimaginable form!

I love you~

Love, Nicole!

Manuela said...

welcome back Nikky!