Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can we be this kind of friend?

And do we need friends like this? ... I don't find myself agnostic at this moment but in my lowest points I have surely felt the ways described in the post below. I think most of us have at one point or other, if we are honest. Are we afraid to admit it because we feel that not even God can tolerate our deep doubts?
And when we have been there, have we found disapproval and rejection from others, ...or have we dished that out? 

Daily Meditation for Thursday 25th of August 2011 by Dale and Juanita Ryan
A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends, even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty.
Job 6:14
At some point during the recovery process we re-examine our most fundamental beliefs. A long process of sorting, examining and questioning takes place. And, in that process, our relationship with God is challenged. It is possible that our relationship with God will deepen and strengthen in the process. But it is also possible that we will find ourselves pulling away from God. We may find ourselves angry with God, or afraid of God, or unable to believe in God at all. This can be a frightening experience. It can feel like the very foundations of life are being shaken.
In times like this, we need many things. But at the top of the list is our need for friends who will accept us even if we turn away from God. We need friends who will not minimize our struggle or discount our feelings. We need people who will not be shocked when we are full of rage at God. We need friends who are able to hear the deep pain behind our words and who know that this, too, is part of our healing. We need people who can see beyond the immediate pain to the healing that can come.
Even when we forsake the fear of God, we need friends who understand, who are committed to us for the long haul, and who plead with God on our behalf.
Sometimes I feel agnostic, Lord,
I just don't know anymore.
Sometimes I want nothing to do with you.
Where were you when I needed you the most?
Sometimes I despair, Lord.
Sometimes I can't seem to hope.
I need friends who will not abandon me, Lord.
I need friends who will be patient and grace-full with my anger and fear.
I need friends who will stay with me as we wait for you to show yourself once again.
I need friends, Lord, who will give me courage to hope again in you.
Send help, Lord.
Copyright Dale and Juanita Ryan


Valerie Schull said...

Hi Manuela,
It's Val. I just listened to your song, 'Hear Now.' It truly blessed me! Music is one of your gifts from God!
Love you, friend!

Valerie Schull said...


I just listened to your song, 'Hear Now.' I love it! It truly blessed me. God gave you the awesome gift of music, among many other things.

Love you, friend!

Manuela said...

hey, thanks Val! :)