Sunday, December 26, 2010

Off to the Grand Canyon!

woo-hoo, yes!...we need a getaway. I am a traveling soul and it's been a while... Wanted to leave y'all with a post by Holley Gerth that really encouraged me. You can check out her very thoughtful words at Merry belated Christmas and a Spirit-filled New Year to you! If you love Jesus, the Word made flesh, you shine...

You shine... by Holley Gerth (To view in her blog, click here)

Light photo by Jeslee Cuizon (flickr creative commons)
The darkness still hovers over the dawn. I step on a plane that will carry my from here to there.
Carry me to my family, to my Grandpa Hollie in Texas who's celebrating 90 years of good living this week. I peer from the window.
The lights below me twinkle, twinkle.
And I think of you.
How can I not think of you?
You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14
Some lights are alone...
I pray you're sustained, comforted, that you sense the nearness of One Who Loves You, even in the darkness.
Others are clustered in groups...
I pray you're strengthened, unified, that together you shine brighter and bolder.
Everywhere, sprinkled across the dark, are beams and bulbs, flickers and flashes. YOU. Beautiful, glorious, filled with the light of the One who made you.
And I just wanted to say...
Keep shining.
From your perspective, it may not seem like much.
But from above?
Oh, yes, you SHINE.
Beautifully, radiantly, more than you know, more than you see...
And trust me, the world is better and brighter for it.

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