Monday, June 23, 2008

Strep throat and the state of things

Today I found out I had strep throat, fun-fun. At least there was something observably wrong with me that could be treated; cause I felt so very crummy. I tried to shrug it off and set off to take my daughter to the Zoo. Thankfully she said she didn't want to go(!?) and so I faced the music and went to the doc. Once I found out I was officially sick I made sure to tell everyone I came accross. My denial turned into drama, quite quickly.
Isn't that how we work on so many levels. We know the world and many things aren't quite right, but we just continue to function or try to over-function, doing what we've always done. But the signals don't dissappear, do they? Have we settled for less than good health? Are we refusing to go to the doctor of our souls? Who is the only one who can bring real relief? Only Jesus. Only Abba. Only Spirit. He so wants to set us free (So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed- from John 8, what a cool chapter by the way) But do we chose bondage? Are we too scared to walk the path of the wind? Do we settle for control of our lives, stagnant predictability.
Lately I've been re-pondering the immensity of God, how much bigger he is than all that we know. How much more wonderful and how much more satisfying than we let him be, I believe. He's just bigger and can't be contained. He busts right out of our little boxes. He'll make his debut, and after he's rejected, he'll go elsewhere and possibly come back later (that's what Jesus did during his time on earth, in the places/towns he visited) He wanted them to get Him, to get Life.
God is sold short. If we are sick and dissatisfied in our soul, then He's not really our God but some sad caricature we've contrived. And we've sold our Love for the keeping of rules (that's a line from Waterdeep, my favorite band--
"Do I have enough compassion or have I sold all my love for the keeping of rules
Am I so much in fashion, that I forgot I was born to a family of fools"- from You were at the time for love)
God is love and he's been sold for the keeping of rules, or the keeping of power, or the keeping of wealth


Kirk said...

Yuk! I hope that you didn't get strep from our family...but considering that you hung out with Joanna on the day that Sarah and I were diagnosed with strep looks bad for us. The good news is that once we took the antibiotics, it cleared up right away.

Manuela said...

No worries. It was fun for Maggie and Joanna to play, besides I could have gotten it anywhere. When you have kids, it's all in all just more germy. Glad you're all better

Nicole said...

Oh, I hope you feel better! I hate strep throat! It is horrible stuff!

Take it easy!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Kent said...

get to feeling better soon Manuela because me and Mike talked tonight about the three of you joining us for dinner.